Book Review – The Mahabharata Secret !


Author     –      Christopher C. Doyle

Title          –      The Mahabharata Secret

Publisher –      Om Books

Category –       Fiction

Pages       –        386

Price        –        Rs.295

 As the title suggests, this book relates to the underlying secrets of the great epic “Mahabharata” of 5000 years ago which develops inquisitiveness in readers to uncover it quickly. The cover of the book is very well designed and looks quite interesting; it also complements the title in every possible way. An eye catcher in every mean.
Snapshot –
This story revolves around the legends of “Ashoka the Great” who found a secret from the times of Mahabharata that has the potential to destroy the complete world if it finds the wrong hand & Indian nuclear scientist Vikram Singh who sends a series of four emails in the form of riddles to his nephew Vijay who is settled abroad before he was killed in his palace in India at present time.
Review –
Ashoka after the war of Kalinga transformed to goodness and as per the myths he found that secret text from the Mahabharata which was missing, he found that it could be dangerous for the world hence it should be remained a secret forever, to protect this he formed a brotherhood of nine people called “The Nine” to safeguard it 2000 years ago which continued to fulfil their responsibility through centuries. But after the blasts by terrorist in Afghanistan destroying the Statues of Buddha’s in Bamiyan something was discovered which reveals that all these legends were not Myth. A concrete proof was found of powerful weaponry system that was made by the Kauravas allies the king of Magadha to destroy the Pandavas from their roots. The Nuclear scientist and a member of Nine was killed cruelly leaving a series of clues in the form of riddles to his nephew Vijay Singh accompanied with his friend and business partner Colin, Dr. Shukla (Old language expert) and his daughter Radha set on a journey to unveil this mystery and find the truth.
Dealing with Ciphers and the ruins of 2000 year old, they were persuaded by the dark forces who wanted this technology of ancient age, Caught between the deep buried secrets of the past with the conspiracies of the present will Vijay be able to cope up and protect the possible destruction, and will he be able to decipher the clues? Will he find what his uncle was protecting? Who are the people who are hunting for this secret and finally what is the Mahabharata Secret? will be unveiled in the pages of this book.
High Points – 
  1. Amazing Plot – The plot of the story is well thought and explained which will give you goosebumps occasionally while going through the story.
  2. Beautiful Blend of the time periods – The story ranges from last 5000 years and to incorporate the historical facts into the story to make it thrilling and gripping was beautifully done by the author.
  3. Facts & Characters – Though it is a work of fiction, but the author has left no stones unturned and had done an A-Z research on the scientific and historical facts that they should be correct. The characters in the story are also appropriate and they all do justice with the story which makes the readers feel connected throughout the last page.
  4. Jokes between friends – Like in any friendship the jokes and one liner were between Vijay and Colin which brings the breeze of comfort in the dark situations too.
Low Points –
Honestly, I loved the book and there was very less scope in the book which I can put in this heading, but I feel that the heavy physics and technology which was explained in latter part of the book can make you dizzying for some time.

Verdict –

I give this amazing mythological thriller fiction 4 bookmarks out of 5. This is a secret which you will love sharing with everyone and a book which you will enjoy reading and keeping it on your bookshelves. This can also change your concept to history and will make you turn to that.

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Amazon :  (Rs. 145)

Flipkart : (Rs.250)


Book Review – This love that feels Right!

                                                                                      Title                      :     This love that feels right…

Author                  :    Ravinder Singhthis-love-that-feels-right-1

Publisher              :   Penguin Metro Reads
Category               :   Fiction

Pages                     :   232

Price                      :   Rs. 199

Title – The title of the book gives birth to butterflies in your belly, which makes you to wonder that exactly “which” kind of love the author is talking about and invariably you get attached to it remembering your special love story by that.

Also the cover of the book is just a beautiful scene of a lady in red and man in black standing holding each other on the sea-shore where there faces are hidden by the red balloons. The title and cover are beautiful and gives compliment to each other.

 Snapshot –

What is love and how do we really know that is it right or not?

The story revolves particularly around three people Naina, Malvika & Aarav who developed their friendship in gym and that friendship slowly converted into a “beautiful relationship” between Naina & Aarav who was her personal trainer at the gym. The little worriment was just that Naina was already married to a business minded, career centric guy called Siddharth.

On the other hand Malvika was an open-minded married woman who understood Naina as a woman, and her desires, dilemmas and her conservative upbringing as a friend. Malvika also worked as a bridge between Aarav, Naina and their beautiful Relationship.

 Review –

The main protagonist of this book Naina who was from a conservative family always believed that Love is “Marriage” and this made her believe that it was love which was between her and Siddharth – her husband.

Siddharth on the other hand was a rich businessman and for him his love was his business and true love was to expand it to new heights and for that he was persistently working ignoring Naina.

Naina felt like a piece of costly artifact at home whose presence is never noticed after some time & it remains at the same place for long just to décor the place and basically is useless, to avoid the boredom when Naina joined the Gym she met Malvika – an anchor in the news channel whom she admired a lot for her boldness & Aarav who worked at the gym as an instructor.

Love never comes announcing and what happens when it comes when you try to avoid it, Naina never felt that she can be loved but after meeting Aarav the feelings of love started to ignite in her. Aarav was everything which Siddhartha was not & she could not control herself falling for Aarav.

Naina was in a crossroad where she could not decide what is right or wrong, to follow her heart which beats for Aarav or to follow the hollow norms of that society which always forced a woman to behave, think and do in a certain way. Malvika her friend who knew both has another way of looking at the institution of marriage and it came as a shock to Naina when she confessed about her “Open-marriage” and logically convinced Naina about her points of doing that, for her it was not infidelity but living the life to the fullest.

Will Naina also find her love the way Malvika opted; will Siddhartha understand her unsaid words? Does love really knows any barrier or it stops!

The book deals with the alarming situation of Polygamy in our society which is there from the times memorable and through the central characters of this book Ravinder Singh has beautifully touched the sensational points with a fur which creates a tingly affect but will leave you unharmed.   


Believe me this book is there to challenge your belief system and question it.


 High Points – 

  • Revolutionary Plot– The plot of the story is Outrageous but necessary. It is questionable but Innovative and it is worth facing.
  • The logic – The logic which the author points to support “Open-Marriages” are intelligent and the counter questions raised by Naina are relatable.
  • Romance – Well this is forte of Ravinder Singh and undoubtedly he is the master of it, when he writes even the walls and lights of a room described are full of passion leave the people. Naina & Aarav small moments describing their feelings are amazing.


Low Points – I felt that the conversation part between Naina & Malvika over “open-marriages” should have been more elaborated so that the reader could get a more detailed view. Also I felt that the Institution of marriage has been shown in a very one-sided way and could have been better.

Verdict –

The book is a must read for everyone in Love and who are going to be married soon.

This different love story will definitely create a stir and will change your way of looking at love. I give “This love that feels Right” a 3.5 Star out of 5.


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*Paperback : Rs.124           *Kindle : Rs. 117.80

*Subject to change



Book Review – The Sialkot Saga !

Ashutosh Review


Title                                       The Sialkot Saga

Author                                   Ashwin Sanghi

Publisher                              Westland Ltd.
Category                               Fiction

Pages                                     584

Price                                      Rs. 350

Title –

From the title you can understand that this book consists of a long narrative of heroic achievements comprising historical and medieval events. Sialkot which was a part of India and after partition which lies in Pakistan, also builds up the curiosity for the story inside. The title is definitely appealing and the cover of the book makes it more interesting which shows the joining hands of people marking the symbols of different religions.

Snapshot –

This story starts from the horrific period of partition between India-Pakistan in 1947. The last train from Sialkot brought people who were dead but…

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Title                                       The Sialkot Saga

Author                                   Ashwin Sanghi

Publisher                              Westland Ltd.
Category                               Fiction

Pages                                     584

Price                                      Rs. 350


Title –

From the title you can understand that this book consists of a long narrative of heroic achievements comprising historical and medieval events. Sialkot which was a part of India and after partition which lies in Pakistan, also builds up the curiosity for the story inside. The title is definitely appealing and the cover of the book makes it more interesting which shows the joining hands of people marking the symbols of different religions.

Snapshot –

This story starts from the horrific period of partition between India-Pakistan in 1947. The last train from Sialkot brought people who were dead but from there the story begins of the survivors Arvind & Arbaaz. At the same time it will take you to the courts “Ashoka the Great” in 250 BCE Patalipurta where he is building the group of 9 specially chosen wise men to protect the secret which at any cost should be protected from the evil hands & carry out the secret scientific work which was in progress.

Review –

 ‘When it’s a question of money, everybody is of the same religion.’

 The two protagonists of this book are governed by the aforesaid line & the book oscillates between post-Independence India in Bombay where Arbaaz is growing learning the laws governing dockyard where his father works, whereas Arvind in Calcutta is learning and changing the traditional business nuances of his businessman father. The novel also takes you to the courts of the kings of ancient India starting from the courts of Ashoka leading to Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

It starts with the business and life of people in India post-Independence, where Arvind starts as a young businessman, earning money either by tricking people or by taking bold chances in the market while Arbaaz started as a dockworker like his father, changing roles by being a crook at the same dock and gradually being the right hand of the underworld don in Bombay and taking care of all his illegal businesses.

After the death of his Don godfather, Arbaaz has taken the chair of being the robin-hood styled Don of Mumbai taking care of all the illegal business of Matka, extortion and being the land mafia. Whereas, Arvind the shrewd mined business master grew more powerful by taking advantages from people and expanding his empire internationally.

The story moves in Decades and the beauty is that with each passing decade, you will get the minutest and major details of changes happened in our country that time, it is like reliving the history with the characters of the novel. For example, the entry of Dr. Mukherjee the founder of Bhartiya Jana Sangh fighting against the two constitution in Srinagar and along with him a young poetry loving man Atal Bihari Vajpayee appreciating the poem of a young Arvind, and the emergence of Emergency led by Indira Gandhi, or the entry of Dawood Ibrahim in the Bombay underworld.

 Rajiv Gandhi serving as a pilot for Arvid-Arbaaz in a flight to Hyderabad, or the 9-11 incident in the United States.

With all the bloodshed, politics and the cut-throat business competition in the span of 60 years, Arvind & Arbaaz the ‘Arch rivals’ in business who were unaware of their pasts were fighting in present for their future, backstabbed each other many times invested in the company called “Anayasar” which just reversed means “Rasayana” who discover the process of alchemy of turning mercury to gold and was on the verge of getting a breakthrough in “Immortality” for Human being from the preserved secrets of the remote past by the 9 secret men of Ashoka. Will Arvind & Arbaaz come together for this?

 From the Geographical to the political change and with the changing business of Arvind & Arbaaz “The Sialkot Saga” will dangle you constantly over the cliff with this chilling multi-layered plot, the novel will keep you guessing till a totally unguessable end also it will take you to places whether it was being the poetry loving Arvind fondness for Poet & politician Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the Mass loving Arbaaz being an MP from Congress ticket to the courts of Maharaja Paramesvara to 817 CE in Kannauj.

 High Points – 


  • Amazing Plot – The plot of the story is well thought, researched and explained which will give you goose bumps occasionally and will put up smiles on your face.
  • Beautiful Blend of the time periods – The story ranges from last 5000 years and to incorporate the historical facts into the story to make it thrilling and gripping was beautifully done by the author.
  • Wickedness – Arvind and Arbaaz strategy to acquire business, to cheat in a specific way or to just take revenge is just amazingly put & you will definitely not want to come across the wrong side of these two.
  • Dialouges – Yes, this book have some amazing Dialogues. This novel if turned to be a movie (which it should), will get a thunderous applaud and whistles from the crowd listening to the dialogues by characters in this book especially by Arbaaz & Arvind. For example :
    1. There is simply no way to get something clean without getting something else dirty.
    2. The intelligent land up in the employment of the Smart.
    3. Some animals hunt. Others hide. And a few Hunt while they hide.
    4. I have learnt that one should be cautious when others are eager & be eager when others are cautious.


Low Points – I did not find any; it was just fun to read.

Verdict –

The book is a “Class for the Mass”, no overused jargons, excessive mind winding science or heavy philosophy involved gives this amazing thriller fiction 4.5 Stars out of 5. This Saga you will enjoy reading and keeping it as a collection on your bookshelves.

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Amazon :

Paperback : Rs.210           Kindle : Rs. 199.50


Book Review – Scion of Ikshvaku !


Author       –    Amish Tripathy

Title            –     Scion of Ikshwaku

Publisher   –     Westland Ltd.

Category    –      Fiction, Mythology

 Pages         –      354

 Price          –      Rs.350

Title –

It was not the first time that a book of Amish has a created a stir among the readers with the launch of his new book cover.  We have all witnessed it in “Shiva Trilogy” too & his new book the “Scion of Ikshvaku” was no different from this pattern. It genuinely took the standards up and all credit goes to the brilliant brains behind finalizing the title and especially the cover.

Also, not to forget the beautiful Ram mantra written by Amish & his friend served like a cheery on the cake.

The title and cover get full marks and it is definitely a reflection of the story between the covers.

Snapshot –

A story of the lineage of the great Ikshvaku, takes you back into the ancient Indian roots, of 3400 BCE when the regions of Sapt-Sindhu was going through the great decline over the increasing power of “Raavan” who not only defeated the glorious undefeated Ayodhya King in the battle of Karachapa “Dashrath”  but also shattered his pride too. At the same unfortunate moment born the prince of Ayodhya – “RAM” who was blamed since his birth for this downfall & defeat in the battle of Karachapa. A kid tortured since birth by the negligence and hatred of his father grown to become unlike him to a man of patience and follower of rules. This story tells how a man who dared to challenge the harsh situations to bring the lost glory of his land and his people to be remembered proudly as the “Scion Of Ikshvaku”

Review –

You heard about Ramayana many times from your grandparents, parents and most commonly through the serial on television in the 90’s but please do not think that it is anything like what you have heard or watched before. “This is not the epic Ramayana; it is new colossal Ramachandra Series” which is bound to make you ponder and will definitely get some eyebrow raised.

The King of Ayodhya “Dashrath” lost the only battle in his life in a place called “Karachapa” by demon king Raavan and since then he blamed his son “Ram” who was just born at that unfortunate time and got tortured his entire childhood. While Ram was growing the power & influence of Raavan also grew by defeating the enemies, he does not rule their land but imposed trade and drain money making Ayodhya and many cities of Sapt-Sindhu feeble.

Ram grew to become a staunch follower of Dharma, A man of courage, substance and character. At the time when polygamy was widespread and practiced he vowed to marry once to respect the girl & to establish the sanctity of marriage, and on visit to Mithila to take part in the “Swayamvar” he encountered the reason of his childhood torture “Raavan” He avenged his father by defeating the demon king & his flock outside the city of Mithila by using a Asuraastra as a result he choose to face a ban of 14 years which was a rule set by the “Vayuputras” but Raavan is not the person to be messed, He came and abducted Sita on the 13th Year of their ban from the Dandak forest.

With the Malayputras on his side, will Ram able to get Sita back? What is the role of the suspicious Pariha man who is called Lord Hanuman, who is suspiciously trying to protect Sita with his team? A lot has been told with a glimpse of much more to come …

A story told many times, is being retold in a very different way. The terms which had been used in the“Shiva Trilogy” have their existence in it too and the iconic “Meluha” is being born in the “Scion of Ikshvaku”

Most importantly it’s Logical, its real and it’s Amish.

High Points – 

To tell again a story which flows in the DNA of every Indian in such a way that every nerve of your body still willingly wants to read is what this book does. The logical explanation to even the minutest of points is phenomenal and your respect for Ram will only grow more from this.

The aesthetic use of the verses from the different “smritis” add more value & give more meaning to what the author wants to say.

 Low Points –

The only low point in the book is the “Swayamvar Scene” described in this book, it will remind you suddenly of Mahabharata and you will feel that is it Ram or Arjuna. I want to believe that in the next books from the series even this will have some logical explanation; otherwise it was a blotch on this unmarked masterpiece.

 Verdict –

I cannot give anything less than 5 bookmarks to another steller book by Amish.


Buy From – Amazon  Rs. 209*  Flipkart  Rs. 300*

*Subject to Change

Book Review – Vishwamitra !


Author     –      Dr. Vineet Agarwal

Title          –     Vishwamitra

Publisher –      Penguin Books

Category –      Fiction, Mythology

Pages       –      240

Price        –       Rs.250

Title –

 A book on the life of a great sage, with the subtitle “The Man who dared to challenge gods” creates a tingle inside you to read about that man who dared to do this, also the cover of the book shows a muscular guy with opened arms looking at the sky covered with saffron drapes builds the background of enthusiasm to know about him, also by closely examining the cover I found that the image or especially the face in the book resembles the actor “Hrithik Roshan”  I hope the designer have taken him into confidence before using his picture.
Overall, the title & the cover are cool and have the ability to catch eyes of the reader in the bookshelf.

Snapshot –

As the title suggests this is the story of a legendary man “Vishwamitra” who was born to a king of Kanyakubj as a Kshatriya but by his deep desire turned into a Bramhrishi. The story starts way before his birth and gives you the narrative of his entire life.

Review –

Vishwamitra was the grandson of the great king named Kusha, and his father Gaddhi was the righteous king. King Gaddhi was blessed with a beautiful daughter Satyavati but after his marriage to a sage named Ruchika the kingdom was abandoned without a heir, for the sake of her wife’s wish he agreed to prepare a sacrificial offering called “charu” and asked both his wife and his mother-in-law to have it separately but destiny has his own way and Satyavati’s mother asked her to interchange the “Charu” between themselves This resulted in Satyavati’s mother giving birth to Vishvamitra, the son of a Kshatriya Gadhi with the qualities of a Brahmin; and Satyavati gave birth to Jamadagni, the father of Parashurama, a Brahmin with qualities of a Kshatriya. His destiny changed furthermore after getting a humiliating defeat by the celestial cow “Nandini” at the Bramhrishi Vashisht Ashram and from there he decided to take revenge from Vashisht & the Gods who consider them above & supreme. He decided to leave the material world for penance after the second defeat by Vashisht & from there he led a life of a hermit sage discovering himself, while the Devas laid traps to extinguish his will to become extremely potent like them. He did not deter from his chosen path till he got the title of a Bramhrisi himself.

The first time author had made the story very interesting, by aesthetically describing the passage when Vishwamitra discovered the “Gayatri Mantra” and while portraying the relationship between Menaka & Vishwamitra. I strongly feel that if he continues to write like this we will have another brilliant mythological writer like Dr.Devdutt Pattanaik.

High Points – 

The story about Vishwamitra is well heard by many of us but this book gives you a detailed and interesting outlook from where it all begun & the way it has been written will keep you glued to the book till it is completed.

Low Points –

I did not find any except that I wanted some more pages in the end.

 Verdict –

 I give this mythological fiction 4 bookmarks out of 5 & congratulate Dr. Vineet for his superhit debut.

Buy From – Amazon  Rs. 131*  Flipkart  Rs. 139*

*Subject to change.

Book Review – The Book of Gold Leaves !


Author     –      Mirza Waheed

Title          –      The book of Gold leaves

Publisher –      Penguin Viking

Category  –       Fiction

Pages       –        330

Price        –        Rs.499

Title – The title of this book will keep you excited about its content and as per its title you will be willing to smell the pages of gold leaves inside. A beautiful title which pushes you to explore what’s inside. Also, the cover of this book is beautiful & absolutely neat; in fact more than the title the cover catches your eyes and soul.

Snapshot – This is a story of a common young Kashmiri papier-mache artist “faiz” and a young beautiful & devotional girl “roohi” Their fortunate encounter with each other, in the midst of an unfortunate dark phase of Kashmir and Kashmiris. How a common boy whose life revolved only  around the paints, brushes and earning money for their family takes a complete turn to binding bombs, learning Kalashnikov & becoming a militant to save his people in conflict-ridden Kashmir.

Review – This book will take you on the emotional journey of a beautiful love story of an artist boy, and a girl who dreams to be with him forever. This is a story which takes you back in the confrontation prominent time of 1990 Kashmir and how it affected the common people who have very common dreams to live happily & comfortably in their peace filled land under the chinars, beside Jhelum.

 It can make you realize that how too much of anything is bad and turns to evil in no time. That happened when the streets, colleges, shops, homes and schools were filled with soldiers, When the common people on the streets, the college & school going students are being judged and every nooks & corner are filled with judging eyes, who considers everyone as enemies and are fighting a battle against them who are just unaware of it.

 In that an artist, a young Shia boy whose only desire in life is to complete his masterpiece “Falaknuma” while earning for his graciously decaying family, had to be involved in this battle to defend the respect of his people while learning how to make bombs & fire machine guns in the distant land of Pakistan & her love, a young Sunni girl, roohi waits for him basing her life on the smuggling love letters via Nepal. The peace loving “people” of Kashmir were divided into religions and it affected the dynamics of their beloved land & land of the nation.

Roohi & Faiz were destined to be together but with the ongoing situations will they ever be together and if yes, on what cost? How & will the “Falaknuma” the masterpiece of Faiz will be completed in this chaos, is you will unfold in pages of this book.

High Points – The emotional connect of the author with the situations of that time will make you glued to this book & at the end of the story a letter from the author will make you understand the basic how & why. There are beautifully described passages of the shikars, the shrines, mountains, environment and the people of Kashmir. The tormented love story of faiz and roohi can moist your eyes & the problems of people there will definitely make you ponder.

The person who has not visited Kashmir will definitely try to see the heavens on earth after reading this book.

Low Points I felt that this book has been written while putting the situations, people & their perspective from being on one side.

When bullets are fired people are killed from either side and in that to judge that who was more responsible or who fired first is difficult to answer or understand, in the end only humanity & innocence is harmed.

Verdict – This book is definitely a one-time read and I give it 3.5 bookmarks.

Short Story – Grave “Love” Yard !

Ashutosh Review

He is again late, like most of the days or it would be better to use like every day. He knows how crucial is for him to be there at nine. She waits for him there…. every day.

He is paddling his bicycle to get the maximum speed, it’s already ten pass nine, he is not concerned that he is already late by ten minutes, but wondering that he would get ten minute less today to look into those beautiful big eyes, he is concerned about her coaching class to which she will reach late today & will get the mordant taunt of his teacher on that. 

He reached the intersections from which he has to take right to that lane where the majority of people avoid going, because of an old graveyard which is there on the right side of that long stretch, whose long boundaries cover that entire…

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Short Story – Grave “Love” Yard !

He is again late, like most of the days or it would be better to use like every day. He knows how crucial is for him to be there at nine. She waits for him there…. every day.

He is paddling his bicycle to get the maximum speed, it’s already ten pass nine, he is not concerned that he is already late by ten minutes, but wondering that he would get ten minute less today to look into those beautiful big eyes, he is concerned about her coaching class to which she will reach late today & will get the mordant taunt of his teacher on that. 

He reached the intersections from which he has to take right to that lane where the majority of people avoid going, because of an old graveyard which is there on the right side of that long stretch, whose long boundaries cover that entire road.

General public avoid taking that road even in daytime, its dense trees and its long branches mingle two sides of road in a way that sometimes It looks less of a road and more of a channel with open spaces in the skies which make the light penetrates from that gaps which make people see each other.
They both however loved this road, because in their small city everybody knows everybody and they do not want to be famous, they wanted their affection to be limited to themselves. So they chose to meet their every day where they walk together to a long stretch of nearly two km and then she goes to her coaching class and he return back to be ready for his school.
Amba, was in her senior secondary and the same was with Samar, they lived in the same locality and their regular seeing each other, when he used to play cricket on the roads or when she used to water her plants in the balcony, and often meeting on the local shops lead to a infatuation and they both themselves do not know that when this accidental seeing each other became the thing which their hearts craved for, it was a solemn adoration, which they perkily called their own love story.

They loved each other and these regular meetings in the complete quietness of the people who are lying there & are no more for the world give them a sense of security, they were not judged there. They laughed, talked and embrace hands while walking, there was no one in that stretch who stare & murmur them while they are lost in their own beautiful world. They were doing this for more than a year and their feeling have become stronger while each day passed.

The Results were out she passed her examination with good grades while samar had to satisfy himself with marks which were not good for his parents and as a result he was forced to go to his aunt and complete his further education from there. A persistent denial could not move the decision of his parents and as a result he has to reach a decision, what else he could do…

He was there and she was there too as usual waiting for the only person whom she loved more than her life, she smiled looking at his tensed face not knowing that it was not due to his being late like always, today the matter was serious and he has to break this news to her. After few minutes as they were walking towards the end of the stretch where she usually rides her bicycle after waving a goodbye.

she knowing that the regular meeting at this graveyard road will not be there now, she knew that he will not be there in the mornings on her side to walk by and she knew that Samar is going, her moist eyes were telling silently that she doesn’t like this news and he was just looking at her without saying anything. Something was there in the ambiance which does not like this news too and the regular silence was growing eerier there.
Her love was true, and she knew that in spite of all the long distances and all the irregularities, one day they will be together forever. The moments passed to minutes and they gave way to hours, finally days to months and slowly months after months years passed. A teen girl has also grown to become a young girl in these years and all these years she just waited for him, her eyes were now dried crying and bearing the indifference shown by Samar.

The pressure from his only parent, his dad was increasing day by day to get her settled, she was not in a position now to deny it; after all she had no ground for it, in last four years he has not called once, not even once. He cannot be that busy if he still loved her. It was four years now he has gone and now she cannot let her dad face the problems due to her anymore she had to say yes!

She was wearing deep red Sari with a green border, wrapped beautifully in it from head to toe. She is looking like a perfect Indian bride, wearing a simple mang-tika on her forehead and a beautiful nath covering her sharp nose, the gold on her body was brimming radiance of beauty and purity of her character. Her hair were not tied, this was unusual, she never does her hair loose but today she was looking different, her eyes were a wider penetrating the soul of the person in front of her, knowing exactly what is in other person’s mind. The armlet was complementing her attire the bright green stones combined with little stones in red.  He was astonished to see her in this attire, she did not say a word and it was like he is standing in front of her from ages.

Her eyes were not furious, but they were also not forgiving. She was looking like a goddess today. She was not saying, but the unspoken words were loud and thumping on the membranes of Samar, She was coming closer & her broad and heavy anklet was making the sound of water lashing with the stones on the shore. She came close to samar just on his face, he was now feeling the complaint in her eyes and her heavy breath was cooling the perspiration on his forehead. She was looking directly into his soul and said gently to his ears. I was waiting for you Samar.

With absolute shudder Samar woke up, his room was dark and he was drenched in his sweat. He checked the time on his phone it was 3:30 Am. He was terrified with this dream and at the same time guilty.

He certainly knows today that he was wrong, how he can show such indifference to that one person who loved him from her heart, she was alone from inside and the only companion whom she shares her love and affection was Samar. She told him many times how incomplete she feels when he is not around & how happy she is after seeing him. Love can happen at that age too and that with the commitment for life, but for samar it was just a story from which love was replaced by Katie in those four years of his study.

He was tensed that what if his dream was true & she is getting married. He was embarrassed feeling that he never contacted her from last four years, he loved her but that was just a teenage crush in a way, who get serious in a love in adolescences? But he also knows that for her, he was everything. Her eyes communicated this many times to him but now it is too late. It is over for him she is going to marry someone & he is certainly not that someone. At four he checked the immediate flight to India and was ready to leave at five the same evening. 

The only desire on Samar mind was to meet Amba as soon as possible and say sorry before she gets married, the dream other night was so powerful that to him it was a reality and he was somehow convinced that she is getting married, on the other hand his obnoxious believe was making him sick.

 He was on a flight to India just because of a dream. His consciousness’s for all these years were on a dreamless slumber.
But this was not the time to think all this; at least he was happy that he will be able to see Amba.

He reached India the same night but to reach his place he had to take bus and be on an hour long journey which makes him reach to his town. He boarded the bus and just at dawn he was walking on the same stretch, where they used to meet every day like earlier times. He was walking and was remembering the time when this graveyard stretch was their only love destination, their rescue road where they were secluded and more over the place where he kissed a girl for the first time.

The morning was about to break, it was not properly dark nor bright so that everything was visible, and as like earlier days the road was filled with absolute silence, as silent that samar was able to hear his own footsteps. He knew that feeling, he was aware of that.

Due to cold weather in India, the fog was dense and visibility was not more than a foot, samar knew the roads so he was confident in that atmosphere too, also the only thing which was running in his mind was to meet Amba. He was crossing the gate of cemetery when he heard someone saying his name, he was not afraid but was curious to find out the person, he kept on walking with the same pace and after few meters he saw someone, due to the fog he was not able to identify it correctly but his inquisitiveness was now growing as he was getting closer to it – while walking he witnessed that the figure was still and that of a girl, her hair was not tied and due to the gentle breeze it was flowing like a stream. She was someone known, though her face was not visible but he knew her and suddenly she was right in the face of Samar. He screamed in disbelief – Amba?
He was confused and somehow not convinced that how she knew that he was coming, She was looking exactly the same she was four years ago, she was glowing white and bright as the sun. It was like the time was stopped and they were exactly at the same place where he informed her regarding his departure.

How do you know I am coming? Sorry correcting himself he asked again now, how are you Amba?

She replied in her fine tone, she is fine now after seeing him, she asked about the flight and Katie.

She knew about Katie too, He was now speechless.
In that absolute silence beside the same graveyard which was the witness of this true love, atleast which was true for Amba. He wanted to say so much to her, he wanted to tell all that how foolish he behaved all these years, how casually he considered her love and how he was regretting all which cannot be changed now. Gathering all his courage he said in a low voice – I am sorry Amba, for leaving you like this, it was entirely my fault. I should have informed you or called you occasionally at least, but you know how I am, I got very busy in my studies and in my new environment. Many times I thought about meeting you o calling you but somehow it got delayed but, now I am here and I promise – I will never leave you, we will be together forever!

She was just looking blankly without saying anything & after few seconds she said

“Now you want to repeat all the mistakes with Katie what you did with me”?

All my life, I loved you from all my heart and you know it, she also loves you very much Samar, I know it. Please do not leave her now.
Hesitant on Amba surety regarding Katie, he said, now I am here for you Amba.

You won’t believe but it’s true, I saw your dream yesterday and I don’t know what happened immediately I felt the urge to meet you and confess that I love you and want to spend my life with you. It was magical but I was terrified. In that you were dressed as a bride and I felt that I have lost you forever, but see you are here in front of me ….. I held you again!

She smiled, but with the same pain which she was carrying in her eyes, he wanted that she curse him, abuse him or beat him but forgive him for the last time, but she just said Samar I loved you & today I am just here because I want you to realize that my love for you was pure, and with you going away & never looking back was a pain which was unbearable at times, but just believing on my love and on you I waited… waited and waited this long, but time does not stops and now it’s too late.

The day was breaking and birds started to take their flight in search of sunlight …. She came close to samar and said that now she should move and this would be the last time she is meeting samar.
He was not sure that why she was saying when he has already decided that today only he will speak to his parents and most possibly her father too, but he did not wanted to disturb her thought anymore so he just nodded and left, she instructed that he will get the rickshaw from next turn and asked him to not look back while walking.

They both crossed each other, He smiling & she just looking like an eccedentesiast.

He reached home and from the very next turn he got the rickshaw, she must have saw him while coming he thought vaguely. Everyone was happy to see him & was delighted to know about Amba as he has explained clearly everything to them, after lunch he has made up his mind to go to her home and talk to her only parent, her father. He also thought of proposing with a ring, He allowed himself & marvel in thoughts of vorfreude.

He went to her home, nervous to face her father and to the sudden visit for the first time to a girls hand for her hand; he knocked as gently as possible. The door was opened by a man, who looked fragile; his eyes were the same like that of Amba…. “He was stricken with despondency too”.

He was neither surprised nor asked anything and moved back after opening the door, the house looked gloomy and without saying anything Samar followed him back to the room, they sat and with heavy heart he introduced himself and informed the purpose of his visit. He looked at samar only once when he mentioned Amba name and asked the old man that he wanted to marry her and he has come to ask for his permission.

His eyes were deep red and now wet, slowly he rose from the chair and hold samar wrist without uttering a single sentence, samar did not protested and allowed him to pull him from his chair.

He literally was trying to drag samar but his weak inner strength was not allowing him for that, he went to another room which was dark, actually so dark that for a moment samar was felt to run away; he was not feeling good about the situation but he stayed there anticipating what is there for which he is there in this room.

There was a click and the room was illuminated with the pale yellow light coming from the bulb on the side wall, with the sudden light emerging samar looked on its source, while gazing it for a second suddenly his eyes fixed on the photograph of a girl, it was her picture on the wall, looking absolutely the same when he saw her the other morning near graveyard.
But this time she was not alone; her picture was accompanied with a sandalwood garland, which says she is no more in this world.

Amba destroyed herself on day of her marriage, she was ready as a bride but she does not want to marry that groom. She also does not wanted to worry her father who was alone and was thinking of his daughter’s future; he wanted that she gets married & get settled in her life. She think on this matter for days, prayed to god for him to return to call or for any sign, she doesn’t wanted anything else just her love. It was not too much to ask, but it looked like god has planned something else and she decided that she will ask herself when she meets him & like a docile girl without interrupting anyone …. She killed herself.

Her father was crying all this information moaning profusely, like a child.

Samar was traumatized by receiving this sudden outflow of information and in that bewilderment all the thoughts flashed across his eyes one by one, his first meeting with Amba, their daily walks & meeting, their first kiss under the maple tree, his leaving for another country, her crying, his leading a new life snubbing Amba, her waiting without complaining ,his new affair with Katie, her absolute Solitude waiting for him, his dreams of Amba, her coming into dreams after her death in the same clothes which she must have wear as a bride. His unexpected encounter with her alongside graveyard, while her soul asking for explanation.

Samar ignored & half-left promises; Amba true & only Love.

He couldn’t stand on his feet and fell right there, He was only looking on the picture of Amba while the water flowed from his eyes & his mind become thoughtless, while she is no more their love story remained there – Beside that old graveyard!

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